Up over at XOJane today! “”How I Learned to be Taken Seriously — and Stylishly — As a Young Woman in Academia”

“How I Learned to be Taken Seriously — and Stylishly — As a Young Woman in Academia”

My first piece for XOJane.  I have a lot of thoughts about the many themes covered–from owning personal style to classroom politics–but I figured I’d start with this and see where it goes.

And yes, because I know you’re wondering, 1994-Sassy-reading-me is squeeee-ing because she just got published on 2014-Jane-Pratt’s site.


L is for Lip Gloss

Nope, this isn't a Lipsmacker, but it has a vanilla-mint flavor, and it will have to do for now.

There was, and is, one panacea for all wrongs.

Lip gloss.

Back in the day, when one was crying, her friends were in charge of getting her to the Super Wal-mart. One would buy lip gloss–preferably Bonne Bell Lipsmackers. Sometimes the three-pack, if whatever it was, was really bad; but every breakup, every betrayal, any hurt whatsoever, however minor, however lame or pathetic, counted.

The rule was enacted when C. began crying in front of the lip gloss section at the Super Wal-Mart one day. Why doesn’t matter. A tradition was born.

Call us shallow, but a little lip gloss goes a long way.   Continue reading