On Action: Resurrect, Revise, Rebirth, Renew

I began a Blogger called “Heather’s World” a little over ten years ago.  I wrote some really funny, sad, insightful, angsty stuff there; I was 24 and floundering in the world.  I met some fellow bloggers (because it was a smaller group back then) with whom I am still friends.  But, since then, I have recreated, renamed, re-platformed, etc., a bunch of different blogs–essentially recreating myself–but not really–every time.

You see, I do this thing where I reinvent the wheel all the damn time–even on a daily basis, when I’m teaching.  It’s a problem.  I also save everything… so I have a file for every first day class I’ve taught, every semester, since Fall 2006.  (No joke.  Are they all the same? No.  Are they pretty similar?  Very.)  I also do this thing where I have Great Big Ideas and then don’t do anything about them and give up and have really awesome pity parties about failing when I have not even begun to act.  The past two years have featured a lot of hurt, a lot of pity parties, and worse, a lot of inertia.

But…I’ve been thinking.  I’ve been reading.  I’ve been doing some serious self-evaluation.  I’ve hopped back on my bike and back on my yoga mat.  Seriously.  In the spirit of action, I have created yet another blog after abandoning one about a year and a half ago.  But this time, I started going back through the saved texts of past blogs. I wanted to see what stories I could find in those posts, spanning ten years.  I’m thinking about the young writer then and the still-sort-of-youngish writer now.  I’m thinking about what I can write about, rather than the things I can’t.  Most importantly, I’m writing–even if it’s total gibberish, it’s something.

Bear with me while I edit some old posts, write some new ones, play with the theme, and get this beast up and running.  “Alphabet: A History” will return (yay!).   You can follow the blog via all the usual social media ways, WordPress, email, or just by dropping in.

Welcome, friends, old and new.

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